Protect Yourself From Identity Theft and Fraud

Identity theft affects the private sector and the business sector, and both are devastating, stressful and time consuming to recover from. While you probably know the basic tips to protect yourself from fraud, and changes are being made to make credit cards more secure, you need to protect yourself now, and these tips can help.

  • While it is much easier, don’t use the same password for different sites. This way, even if a thief gains access to one of your accounts, they can’t access the others.
  • When shopping online, never use a site that does not encrypt your information. Look for a padlock icon and make sure the website has “https” included in the web address.
  • One common trick is to ask for your credit card information for “identification purposes.” You should never have to provide this information unless you are buying something.
  • Another trick is for fraud experts to call or leave a voicemail, pretending to be from your credit card company. If you receive this call, hang up and call your credit card company yourself. In addition, if they leave a message, don’t call back the same number, use the official 800 number, so you know you are calling your credit card.
  • Some social media sites automatically change your privacy settings, so check them on a regular basis to make sure they are set to what you want.

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For more information about insurance coverage in Minnesota please contact The Insurance Shop, located in White Bear Lake.