Have a Safe Memorial Day

Memorial Day signals the start of summertime activities. It is the time for travel, cook-outs, amusement parks, camping and an assortment of other outdoor activities. It is also a good time to review some tips to keep your family safe during these activities.

  • When grilling out, use long-handled utensils. Never use a grill in an enclosed area. Clean your grill and utenils after each use.
  • When out in the sun use sunscreen and wear a hat. Wear shoes that are appropriate for the activity you are involved in. Keep an eye out for poison ivy and carry insect repellant.
  • Remember, traffic will be heavier during the holiday weekend. Give yourself plenty of time and use your seat belts. Neve drink and drive.
  • Make sure your vehicle is road-worthy. Check tires and pressure. Make sure your windshield wipers are in good condition and that you have washer fluid.
  • When boating, have flotation devices for all passengers.

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Liability Umbrella Coverage

Liability insurance coverage is vital to protecting your assets, regardless how extensive or modest. Unfortunately, it is possible, with serious auto or home accidents resulting in personal injury, to exceed your maximum liability coverage.

Enter umbrella insurance to save the day. Umbrella coverage is additional liability protection that steps up if you have losses that exceed your auto and home insurance maximums. 

Once thought to be only for the wealthy, umbrella coverage is perfect for the middle class family also. In some situations, this protection may prove even more important for those with modest assets, since a huge loss may financially ruin this group.

For example, if you have an auto accident that results in an injury to a person, who becomes totally and permanently disabled, a court award could approach or exceed $1 million. Should your auto policy have a $300,000 liability maximum, where would you get the remaining $700,000? A $1 million umbrella policy would pay the huge shortfall.

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Protecting Life And Property From Strong Storms

The traditional tornado season is considered to be from April to June, and then hurricane season picks up and lasts until November. But the truth is, a powerful storm with hurricane strength winds can occur anytime of the year.

Hurricanes are larger than tornados and produce more of a sustained attack. Damaging winds and rain can last for days. Tornados are shorter lived but much more powerful with the center of the cyclone causing massive destruction. 

The first thing to protect against strong storms is lives. People can not be replaced, but property damage can be dealt with simply by having the proper coverage for the kind of damages these storms inflict. For a hurricane, know your evacuation route and leave early. For a tornado, identify the safest and strongest area in hour house. 

Keep medical supplies, flashlights, batteries and a battery-operated radio in a safe place. Have enough non-perishable food for at least three days. Keep important documents such as your insurance policies in a water-proof container. 

Now is the time to make sure you have coverage for storm damage. If and when you do experience storm damage, make a detailed list and contact your insurance agent promptly. For more information about coverage for storm damage in Minnesota, contact The Insurance Shop in White Bear Lake. 


Spring into Fun May Events

Calendar of May 2014 Vector

Calendar of May 2014 VectorLet your family thaw out with the fun events being held in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. This area can provide parades, beach time for sand castles and a tan and strawberry picking. It also offers outdoor festivals, restaurants, theaters, art galleries, specialty shops and sports stores. It has something for everyone in the home, no matter what the personal interests are. White Bear Lake, Minnesota is the perfect place to spend some time with those that are most important to you. It is a family-friendly place to relax and enjoy your family’s company while getting the R & R you need. 

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Why Insure Your Business Vehicle?


WHITE CARGO VANBusiness vehicles require business insurance to protect your assets in the event of an accident. Standard car insurance was not meant to cover a vehicle used for business purposes. In contrast, business insurance will ensure you are well protected from any eventuality during business hours.

Business vehicles generally receive greater use than personal vehicles, increasing the risk of accidents. As such, business auto insurance costs may be higher than standard policies. Business car usage is classified into different categories to include Class 1, 2 and 3, depending on the use of the vehicle. In Class 1, insurance coverage may be limited to one driver and his or her spouse to drive to various offices or work sites. Class 2 may include various drivers to and from different work sites. Class 3 may include extensive travel for work purposes.

Your choice of business insurance will depend on your individual need. By shopping around, maintaining a safe driving record, securing your vehicle and keeping it in top condition, you can help reduce the cost of your business auto insurance premium.

Learn more about business auto insurance options and costs in Minnesota by contacting The Insurance Shop, White Bear Lake, MN.

How Can Renter’s Insurance Save Your Personal Property?


How-Much-Apartment-Can-You-AffordRenters insurance can help protect your goods in the event of theft, loss or damage due to fire, storms or vandalism. Even if your landlord has property insurance, there’s no guarantee your belongings are safe under his policy. By acquiring a separate renter’s insurance coverage, you can be assured of adequate protection for your valuables.

Renters face the same property damage risk as any homeowner. An accidental fire or natural catastrophe could destroy everything you own at a moment’s notice. If you suddenly lost all your furniture, electronics, home appliances or wardrobe due to some eventuality, would you have the funds to replace them or would you have to do without until you accrue substantial savings?

With renters insurance, you would be reimbursed for the actual cost of your belongings taking into account depreciation or receive funds to replace your items, depending on the coverage you choose. Either way, you have protection for your personal goods to enable you to carry on.

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Does an Old Roof Affect Your Insurance Rates?

Seasonal Gutter cleaning red roof

Seasonal Gutter cleaning red roofThe older the roof on your home, the greater chances it has of sustaining major damage in a storm. Older roofs also lose their ability to repel water, increasing the risk of water damage to your home. To compensate for these risks, insurers will generally charge higher homeowner insurance rates for a home that has an old roof.

If you’re considering home improvements to your abode, have your roof inspected to see if it needs replacing or repair. Roof replacement can help lower your homeowner’s insurance premium. By discussing your options with a qualified insurance agent, you can get a better idea of how to update your insurance policy to get the most from your investment.

Even if roof replacement is not needed, you may find it necessary to repair weak areas to avoid water damage in the event of a storm. Roof repair will ensure your home and belongings receive ample protection from adverse weather that comes your way.

For more information on homeowners insurance coverage and how to protect your Minnesota home, contact The Insurance Shop located in White Bear Lake, MN.