Basics of Umbrella Insurance


With all of the insurance policies you have, from auto to homeowners insurance, it is easy to think that you have enough coverage in any event. However, if you are in an accident, or somebody gets injured at your home, the cost of paying for the damages and medical payments can easily add up. As the bills add up, your liability coverage may not provide enough coverage. A personal umbrella policy can provide the extra liability coverage that is needed to financially protect you in any situation.

Typical umbrella insurance policies provide $1 million in liability coverage. Many people think that this is much more insurance coverage than they need. However, if you are at fault for a car accident, you are not responsible to pay for the damages to the other vehicle, as well as the medical payments of the other person, and any lost wages. If your auto insurance only have $300,000 in liability coverage, and the total cost is $800,000, you would be responsible for the other $500,000 that is not covered by your auto insurance. If you do not have the financial means to pay the cost out of pocket, your wages can be garnished, or assets seized in order to cover the cost. A $1 million umbrella policy would provide the extra coverage to ensure that you would not have to pay out of pocket.

Umbrella insurance policies also provide protection against slander or defamation of character, as well as certain decisions that you may have made as a volunteer member of a nonprofit board.

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Summer Safety Tips

Smiling children in swimming pool

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors. While there are plenty of fun activities to enjoy this summer, make sure to keep these summer safety tips in mind to ensure a safe and fun summer for everyone.

  • Biking. Always wear a helmet while riding a bike. Wearing the proper helmet can reduce the risk of head injuries by more than 85 percent. Also remember to wear bright colors, reflective lights, and use hand signals so others around you know when you are turning.
  • Swimming. Make sure children are always closely supervised around the water. If you are swimming at the beach, only swim in area with lifeguards.
  • Playgrounds. Always supervise children on playgrounds and do not let them play barefoot in case sharp objects are hidden in the sand. Check the play equipment for screws or nails that are sticking out that could possible hurt children.
  • Grilling. Do not allow children or animals to play around the grilling area. Make sure to place the grill in an open area, away from buildings, low hanging trees, or any other flammable materials. Always keep a fire extinguisher nearby to put out any accidental grilling fires.
  • Lightning. If you are caught in a sudden lightning storm, seek shelter in a large, enclosed building. Stay away from open windows, toilets, sinks, showers, tubs, and electrical outlets.
  • Bugs. Always apply an insect repellent that contains at least 20 percent DEET whenever going near the woods or tall grass. Make sure to check for ticks on children and animals after returning home.
  • Sun. whenever going outside, apply a broad spectrum sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays and that has an SPF of at least 15. Wear long sleeved clothing, a wide brimmed hat, and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun.

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Insurance Changes After Your Wedding

You wedding day is one of the biggest and most important days in your life. While getting caught up in all the fun and excitement of the day, it is easy to forget to look into the future with your new spouse. Make sure to look at all your insurance policies once you tie the knot to ensure that you are properly covered and can start your new life together.

It is now more important than ever to make sure you have the proper life insurance coverage since another person is depending on your income. Investing in a joint life insurance policy is very affordable and can help make sure you are both covered in case of the untimely death of you or your spouse.

You will also want to look at your auto insurance policies. Since you will now probably have more than one car, you will want to make sure that you are properly covered to drive all vehicles.

Contact The Insurance Shop in White Bear Lake, Minnesota for all of your insurance needs after your big day.

Staying Safe Next to Semis on the Road

Driving next to semi-trucks is part of the driving experience. While it can be intimidating driving next to such a large truck, making sure you practice safe driving techniques can help ensure you stay safe while on the road. Follow these safe driving tips to avoid an accident with a semi-truck.

  • Avoid blind spots on the truck. Since semi-trucks are larger than normal passenger cars, they have larger blind spots. Keep in mind that if you cannot see driver in the side mirrors, then they cannot see you.
  • Keep in mind that trucks take longer to slow down or stop, so do not cut off a truck.
  • Do not try and pass a truck while it is making a right turn. Trucks have to swing to the left before they turn right, which may create a space, but do not confuse this for room to scoot by.
  • Always accelerate and maintain a constant speed when passing a truck. Make sure you can see the entire cab of the truck in the rear view mirror before pulling in front of it.

Most importantly, make sure you have the proper auto insurance coverage by contacting The Insurance Shop in Minnesota.

Differences in Insuring New and Used Cars

Buying a car is an exciting time in anyone’s life. It can also be confusing and stressful with all the car options and deciding if you should buy a new or used car. While your budget will usually determine if you buy a new or used car, it is important to remember other factors, including insurance. There are large differences in the amount of insurance you will be paying depending on the age of the car you are buying.

While most people think that insuring a new car is more expensive, that is not always the case. While most of the time insuring a new car is more expensive since they have a higher market value and can be more expensive to repair in the event of an accident. However, in some cases, insuring a new car can be less expensive due to all the safety features.

Used cars can be slightly more expensive to insure because they are more likely to be stolen. Although new cars are more desirable, they often have anti-theft devices or GPS tracking. Older cars are also often a target for thieves because they are easier to take apart and sell the pieces.

When you are looking for the most comprehensive auto insurance for you new or used car, contact The Insurance Shop in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.