All About Worker’s Compensation

Word cloud for Workers' compensation

Word cloud for Workers' compensation

There are many responsibilities that come with owning your own small business, including keeping your employees safe. The best way to ensure that your employees are protected in case of any injury is to invest in the right insurance policy. Worker’s compensation will provide protection for all of your employees.

A worker’s compensation insurance policy will provide coverage for any employee that is injured while on the job, no matter who is at fault. The policy will provide payment for the medical bills that are associated with the accident, as well as any rehabilitation that is needed. It will also provide liability for the business to offer protection from being sued by an employee for any work related conditions that caused the injury.

There are many steps that you can take to help ensure all of your employees stay safe while on the job. One of the easiest steps is to make sure all of your employees are properly trained and know how to safely work with any machinery or equipment. Set up training courses and make sure your employees pass the test. Also, have a prevention plan in place; these preventative measures will help cut down on the amount of accidents that happen.

Not only will a worker’s compensation provide coverage for the business as a whole, but it will also help to give your employees peace of mind knowing that they will be well taken care of if they are ever involved in a work related accident.

Contact the insurance professionals at The Insurance Shop in White Bear Lake, Minnesota for all of your worker’s compensation insurance needs. We will work closely with your business to ensure that you have the most comprehensive business insurance policies for you specific needs.

Stay Safe This Halloween with These Tips

Frightening girls

Frightening girlsHalloween is almost here! While preparing your costume and home for all of the Halloween parties, it is also important to make sure that you know how to stay safe this holiday. Keep these Halloween safety tips in mind to ensure that everyone has a fun and safe holiday.

  • When choosing the right costume for your children, opt for light colored costumes so that they will be more visible to passing drivers. Also, make sure the costume is a good fit to avoid tripping and falling while trick or treating.
  • If your child insists on a dark costume, use reflective tape or stickers to make them more visible to drivers. Have them carry a flashlight or glow stick to help them see in the dark and to help them be seen by others.
  • Before you head out to go trick or treating, plan out your route and stay in neighborhoods that you are familiar with. If your older children are trick or treating with friends, set a strict curfew on when they have to be home.
  • Teach your children to only cross the street in designated crosswalks and to always follow traffic laws and traffic lights.
  • Consider using a glow stick or electric candle to light up your pumpkin. If you have to use a real candle, make sure to place the jack o’ lantern on a sturdy table away from any flammable items, such as curtains.
  • Before allowing your children to enjoy their candy, check each piece and throw out any candy that is open or looks like it has been tampered with.

The Insurance Shop in White Bear Lake, Minnesota would like to encourage you to keep these tips in mind so that you have a safe and fun Halloween!

5 Easy Tips To Prepare Your Home For The Cold Of Winter

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Fall is here and as the leaves begin to change color it may be a good time for you to begin changing your home and preparing for the ugly winter that could lay ahead. We at The Insurance Shop take your safety seriously and want to help you prepare your home for winter with these 5 easy tips.

  1. It is time to get your fireplace ready for the winter. If you have not cleaned your chimney in a while it may be a good time to call a chimney sweep to clean up that soot. A screen on top of your chimney can help keep pests and vermin out of your home this winter.
  2. Check your furnace to make sure it is working before the cold winds hit. A HVAC professional can inspect your furnace and clean out dirty ducts. Make sure to take out any flammable material and change out the filters of your furnace on a monthly basis.
  3. A clogged drain can cause water backups so make sure to clean out all the fall leaves and any other debris that may have accumulated in your gutter using a scraper and a hose.
  4. Check your doors and windows for any cracks that could expose your home to the cold weather outside. Weather stripping around doors is a great way to stop cold air before it enters your home.
  5. Prevent plumbing freezes ahead of time by insulating your pipes. Drain your garden hose and find out where your water main is in case of an emergency.

Preparing for the winter ahead of time is a good idea for any homeowner. Make sure you get the right insurance coverage to keep your home and family safe this winter by contacting The Insurance Shop.

We specialize in coverage for auto insurance, life insurance, umbrella insurance, cyber liability and home insurance. The Insurance Shop in White Bear Lake, Minnesota can help you with commercial liability exposure and answer any life insurance questions you may have. Contact us today to find the right coverage for your home at a competitive price.

Speed Up The Claims Process With a Home Inventory


A home inventory list can make the processing of your claims at least 70% faster than it would have been without one. Processing a home insurance claim does not need to be as tedious as it sounds. Taking inventory by making a list of belongings and keeping track of receipts can make your claim a whole lot more efficient.

A home inventory is an easy way to speed up an insurance claim turn around and the best part is, once you start your home inventory list it is simple to keep it updated. Here are some tips to help you get started with your own home inventory checklist:

  • List off your possessions by category, age, and price. Include information about the condition of your item, the purchase price, cost of replacement, and where and when you purchased an item.
  • You can use photographs or video to simplify the inventory process.
  • Pay special attention to your more costly possessions and make sure to record the serial numbers of these items in your inventory.
  • Hold on to any receipts you may have especially for items that are more expensive.
  • Keep two separate copies of your inventory at home and in a safe place away from home.
  • Estimating the cost and replacement cost of an item is something you need to do when you file a homeowners insurance claim. Know that prices may fluctuate depending on the value and age of an item.
  • Inventory can be very time-consuming but there is no need to fret, you do not need to finish it all in one day. Tackle your home inventory list with one room at a time to make it more manageable.

The Insurance Shop wants you to be prepared with all the tips and tricks to simplify the insurance process. We are here to answer any of your life insurance questions and offer you the best insurance solutions for your needs. The insurance shop is a group of experienced insurance agents in White Bear Lake, Minnesota offering coverage options ranging from homeowners insurance, cyber liability, life insurance, and auto insurance at a competitive price. Contact us today to get started with your coverage.