5 Easy Tips To Prepare Your Home For The Cold Of Winter

Fall is here and as the leaves begin to change color it may be a good time for you to begin changing your home and preparing for the ugly winter that could lay ahead. We at The Insurance Shop take your safety seriously and want to help you prepare your home for winter with these 5 easy tips.

  1. It is time to get your fireplace ready for the winter. If you have not cleaned your chimney in a while it may be a good time to call a chimney sweep to clean up that soot. A screen on top of your chimney can help keep pests and vermin out of your home this winter.
  2. Check your furnace to make sure it is working before the cold winds hit. A HVAC professional can inspect your furnace and clean out dirty ducts. Make sure to take out any flammable material and change out the filters of your furnace on a monthly basis.
  3. A clogged drain can cause water backups so make sure to clean out all the fall leaves and any other debris that may have accumulated in your gutter using a scraper and a hose.
  4. Check your doors and windows for any cracks that could expose your home to the cold weather outside. Weather stripping around doors is a great way to stop cold air before it enters your home.
  5. Prevent plumbing freezes ahead of time by insulating your pipes. Drain your garden hose and find out where your water main is in case of an emergency.

Preparing for the winter ahead of time is a good idea for any homeowner. Make sure you get the right insurance coverage to keep your home and family safe this winter by contacting The Insurance Shop.

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