Back to School Carpooling Tips

With the new school year starting, it can be stressful getting back into the routine of getting the kids ready for school in the morning. It can also add stress if you are in charge of carpooling with your neighbors to get all the kids to school. Keep these simple back to school carpooling tips in mind to ensure that everyone gets to school on time, and your morning is a stress free as possible.

  1. Get organized. Work out a schedule that works for all the parents involved in the carpool program. Make sure that all of the responsibility is evenly distributed.
  2. Know emergency contacts. Make sure that everyone who is involved in the carpool program has a list of emergency contact information in case of any unfortunate situation that may arise.
  3. Think about your after school activities. Consider creating a carpool program with children who do the same extracurricular activities as your child so that the responsibility are evenly distributed.
  4. Stay safe. Before your child get into another parent’s car, make sure that they know how to stay safe in the vehicle, such as always wearing their seat belt and not distracting the driver.
  5. Be on time. Make sure that you child is always ready when they are getting picked up in the morning, and that you are always on time when it is your turn to drive.
  6. Keep your child updated. Make sure that your child always knows who is picking them every day and where they will be getting picked up.

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