Does an Old Roof Affect Your Insurance Rates?

Seasonal Gutter cleaning red roofThe older the roof on your home, the greater chances it has of sustaining major damage in a storm. Older roofs also lose their ability to repel water, increasing the risk of water damage to your home. To compensate for these risks, insurers will generally charge higher homeowner insurance rates for a home that has an old roof.

If you’re considering home improvements to your abode, have your roof inspected to see if it needs replacing or repair. Roof replacement can help lower your homeowner’s insurance premium. By discussing your options with a qualified insurance agent, you can get a better idea of how to update your insurance policy to get the most from your investment.

Even if roof replacement is not needed, you may find it necessary to repair weak areas to avoid water damage in the event of a storm. Roof repair will ensure your home and belongings receive ample protection from adverse weather that comes your way.

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