Keeping Your Summer Gear Safe In Storage

Summer is always better if you are geared up to enjoy it but now that summer is coming to an end it is time to start putting your summer toys into storage to keep them safe through the winter. Not properly storing your summer gear can cause expensive damage. You want your babies to be ready to use as soon as it starts heating up again so make sure you properly store your gear for the next summer with these storage tips.

  • Storing Your Boat- Not only do you have to clean the outside of your boat for storage but you also need to pay special attention to the interior. Make sure to fill up the fuel tank with stabilizing gasoline and flush clean water through the engine cooling system before storing your boat away. The cover you use should fit your boat snugly from the top to the water line.
  • Storing Your Motorcycle- The fluids of your motorcycle need to be changed before storage so make sure to change out the oil and to top off the brake fluid. Check to see that the tire pressure is good and that everything from the engine to the throttle is working properly. Storing your motorcycle without a full tank can cause ice crystals to form causing costly damage so do not forget to fill up that gas tank?
  • Storing Your RV- Check vital engine systems in your RV like spark plugs to assure that they are working properly. Empty the water tanks and check tires for pressure or any wear. Clean out the interior and add a dehumidifier before storage to absorb moisture and prevent damage from mold.
  • Keeping All Your Gear Safe- Even if they are not in use during the winter, your expensive gear still should be protected with the right insurance coverage. If someone gets hurt storing your vehicles or if you feel like spontaneously taking them out of storage, they need to be covered.

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