Liability Umbrella Coverage

Liability insurance coverage is vital to protecting your assets, regardless how extensive or modest. Unfortunately, it is possible, with serious auto or home accidents resulting in personal injury, to exceed your maximum liability coverage.

Enter umbrella insurance to save the day. Umbrella coverage is additional liability protection that steps up if you have losses that exceed your auto and home insurance maximums. 

Once thought to be only for the wealthy, umbrella coverage is perfect for the middle class family also. In some situations, this protection may prove even more important for those with modest assets, since a huge loss may financially ruin this group.

For example, if you have an auto accident that results in an injury to a person, who becomes totally and permanently disabled, a court award could approach or exceed $1 million. Should your auto policy have a $300,000 liability maximum, where would you get the remaining $700,000? A $1 million umbrella policy would pay the huge shortfall.

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