Protect Your Business from Cyber Attacks

Small business keep a lot of personal information about their clients online. From social security numbers to driver’s license numbers, a cyber-breach could lead to all that information falling into the wrong hands. Making sure your business has the right commercial insurance to protect your client’s information can save you thousands of dollars, and save your reputation.

There are three main types of cyber liability insurance, including:

  • Security breach liability coverage. This protects you from the legal liability for damages that are a result of actual or alleged failure of the security measures that are meant to prevent unauthorized access to the computer system.
  • Privacy breach liability coverage. This will help you pay for the costs that are associated with a cyber-breach, which could include paying for a PR team to repair your reputation.
  • Breach notice response service coverage. This will pay for any forensic expenses as well as the notice fulfillment services and credit monitoring services that are required by law after a security breach.

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