Protecting Life And Property From Strong Storms

The traditional tornado season is considered to be from April to June, and then hurricane season picks up and lasts until November. But the truth is, a powerful storm with hurricane strength winds can occur anytime of the year.

Hurricanes are larger than tornados and produce more of a sustained attack. Damaging winds and rain can last for days. Tornados are shorter lived but much more powerful with the center of the cyclone causing massive destruction. 

The first thing to protect against strong storms is lives. People can not be replaced, but property damage can be dealt with simply by having the proper coverage for the kind of damages these storms inflict. For a hurricane, know your evacuation route and leave early. For a tornado, identify the safest and strongest area in hour house. 

Keep medical supplies, flashlights, batteries and a battery-operated radio in a safe place. Have enough non-perishable food for at least three days. Keep important documents such as your insurance policies in a water-proof container. 

Now is the time to make sure you have coverage for storm damage. If and when you do experience storm damage, make a detailed list and contact your insurance agent promptly. For more information about coverage for storm damage in Minnesota, contact The Insurance Shop in White Bear Lake.