Safeguarding Your Snowmobile

Does Your Snowmobile Have The Protection It Should?

You know you need to insure your automobile, but you may see your snowmobile as a winter toy more than a vehicle and consequently not have thought about covering it. While not every state legally requires you to insure your snowmobile, smart owners know that it is important to cover this recreational vehicle. When you are deciding how much coverage to secure, consider these questions:

  • What Do I Need Covered? Do you want your snowmobile to be protected if you collide with another snowmobile or immovable object? Get collision coverage. Do you want it to get replaced if it gets stolen? Get comprehensive coverage. Do you want medical bills to be paid if someone¬†gets injured out on the powder? Get bodily injury liability coverage. This may sound like a lot, but an insurance expert can help you discern what type of protection you should get.
  • How Much Does It Cost? Like most insurance coverage, the answer is- it depends. While you can get coverage for $100 a year if you want to stick with simple liability coverage, full coverage is still not a big expense. You can most likely secure full coverage for yourself and your snowmobile for less than $500 annually.
  • Are My Passengers Protected? If you regularly bring passengers along for the ride, let your insurance agent know. He or she will be able to help you cover your friend or family member on the back of your snowmobile.

Do you know how to protect yourself and your snowmobile this winter and throughout the year? Contact the insurance professionals at The Insurance Shop in White Bear Lake, Minnesota for all of your snowmobile insurance coverage needs. Our team of experts is here to safeguard your fun in the snow!