Speed Up The Claims Process With a Home Inventory

A home inventory list can make the processing of your claims at least 70% faster than it would have been without one. Processing a home insurance claim does not need to be as tedious as it sounds. Taking inventory by making a list of belongings and keeping track of receipts can make your claim a whole lot more efficient.

A home inventory is an easy way to speed up an insurance claim turn around and the best part is, once you start your home inventory list it is simple to keep it updated. Here are some tips to help you get started with your own home inventory checklist:

  • List off your possessions by category, age, and price. Include information about the condition of your item, the purchase price, cost of replacement, and where and when you purchased an item.
  • You can use photographs or video to simplify the inventory process.
  • Pay special attention to your more costly possessions and make sure to record the serial numbers of these items in your inventory.
  • Hold on to any receipts you may have especially for items that are more expensive.
  • Keep two separate copies of your inventory at home and in a safe place away from home.
  • Estimating the cost and replacement cost of an item is something you need to do when you file a homeowners insurance claim. Know that prices may fluctuate depending on the value and age of an item.
  • Inventory can be very time-consuming but there is no need to fret, you do not need to finish it all in one day. Tackle your home inventory list with one room at a time to make it more manageable.

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