Staying Safe Next to Semis on the Road

Driving next to semi-trucks is part of the driving experience. While it can be intimidating driving next to such a large truck, making sure you practice safe driving techniques can help ensure you stay safe while on the road. Follow these safe driving tips to avoid an accident with a semi-truck.

  • Avoid blind spots on the truck. Since semi-trucks are larger than normal passenger cars, they have larger blind spots. Keep in mind that if you cannot see driver in the side mirrors, then they cannot see you.
  • Keep in mind that trucks take longer to slow down or stop, so do not cut off a truck.
  • Do not try and pass a truck while it is making a right turn. Trucks have to swing to the left before they turn right, which may create a space, but do not confuse this for room to scoot by.
  • Always accelerate and maintain a constant speed when passing a truck. Make sure you can see the entire cab of the truck in the rear view mirror before pulling in front of it.

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