Stay Safe This Halloween with These Tips

Frightening girls

Frightening girlsHalloween is almost here! While preparing your costume and home for all of the Halloween parties, it is also important to make sure that you know how to stay safe this holiday. Keep these Halloween safety tips in mind to ensure that everyone has a fun and safe holiday.

  • When choosing the right costume for your children, opt for light colored costumes so that they will be more visible to passing drivers. Also, make sure the costume is a good fit to avoid tripping and falling while trick or treating.
  • If your child insists on a dark costume, use reflective tape or stickers to make them more visible to drivers. Have them carry a flashlight or glow stick to help them see in the dark and to help them be seen by others.
  • Before you head out to go trick or treating, plan out your route and stay in neighborhoods that you are familiar with. If your older children are trick or treating with friends, set a strict curfew on when they have to be home.
  • Teach your children to only cross the street in designated crosswalks and to always follow traffic laws and traffic lights.
  • Consider using a glow stick or electric candle to light up your pumpkin. If you have to use a real candle, make sure to place the jack o’ lantern on a sturdy table away from any flammable items, such as curtains.
  • Before allowing your children to enjoy their candy, check each piece and throw out any candy that is open or looks like it has been tampered with.

The Insurance Shop in White Bear Lake, Minnesota would like to encourage you to keep these tips in mind so that you have a safe and fun Halloween!

Safety Tips for Labor Day

Happy Labor day american.

With Labor Day just around the corner, it is the perfect time to plan out your fun holiday activity that the whole family can enjoy. When you are making plans for the holiday weekend, it is important to keep safety in mind to ensure that everyone has a safe and fun weekend. Keep these Labor Day safety tips in mind while you are enjoying one of the last holidays of the summer.

  • When you are setting up your grill, make sure to place it in an open area away from any buildings or low hanging trees to prevent any fires. Also make sure that the grill is placed on level, sturdy surface.
  • Always keep a fire extinguisher of hose nearby to ensure that you can put out any accidental fires that may start while you are grilling.
  • Never grill indoors, including in a vehicle or tent, to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, or even death caused by the gas.
  • Make sure to keep hot food hot and cold food cold to prevent any of your friends or family from getting food any borne illnesses.
  • While cooling down in the pool, always make sure there is adult supervision. Never allow anyone to swim alone, no matter how old they are.
  • Make sure that anyone who is not a strong swimmer uses the appropriate flotation device while in the water, such as a life jacket.
  • While enjoying the outdoors, make sure to protect yourself from the sun and bugs by using sunscreen with at least 15 SPF and bug spray.

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Staying Safe Next to Semis on the Road

Driving next to semi-trucks is part of the driving experience. While it can be intimidating driving next to such a large truck, making sure you practice safe driving techniques can help ensure you stay safe while on the road. Follow these safe driving tips to avoid an accident with a semi-truck.

  • Avoid blind spots on the truck. Since semi-trucks are larger than normal passenger cars, they have larger blind spots. Keep in mind that if you cannot see driver in the side mirrors, then they cannot see you.
  • Keep in mind that trucks take longer to slow down or stop, so do not cut off a truck.
  • Do not try and pass a truck while it is making a right turn. Trucks have to swing to the left before they turn right, which may create a space, but do not confuse this for room to scoot by.
  • Always accelerate and maintain a constant speed when passing a truck. Make sure you can see the entire cab of the truck in the rear view mirror before pulling in front of it.

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Stay Safe This 4th of July

With the Fourth of July right around the corner, it is the perfect time to figure out some fun activities that the whole family can enjoy. While celebrating the holiday in different ways, it is important to remember to stay safe. Follow the 4th of July safety tips to ensure everyone has a fun and safe holiday.

Firework safety

  • Never allow children to light fireworks or sparklers.
  • Never aim fireworks at other people, animals, buildings, or other flammable objects.
  • Do not try to relight a dud firework. Wait at least 20 minutes before picking up the firework.
  • Place all lit fireworks, even dud fireworks, into a bucket of water before throwing them in the trash.

Grilling safety

  • Never leave a lit grill unattended.
  • Do not allow children or animals to play around the grilling area.
  • Make sure to keep a water source or fire extinguisher nearby to put out any unexpected fires.
  • Place the grill in an open area, away from any buildings or low hanging trees.

The Insurance Shop would like to wish you and your family a fun and safe holiday, and remind you to contact them to make sure you have the most comprehensive insurance coverage in the White Bear Lake, Minnesota area.