Tips To Avoid Ice Dams At Your Home

Glass toy houseIce Dam Basics

As the cold winter weather continues to stick around, you may be dealing with water damage and leakage around your ceiling and exterior walls. While you may be thinking that it is time to replace your roof, there may be a very simple solution, look out for ice dams. Knowing how to spot and deal with ice dams will help to ensure that your home stays safe this season.

Ice dams are caused by heat that builds up in your attic, due to improper ventilation, which then warms your roof and melts the bottom layer of ice and snow that is sitting on top. The melted ice and snow then runs down your roof until it reaches a cold area (typically your rain gutters). The water then refreezes, causing an ice dam to form. As the process continues, more water builds up behind the ice dam, which can cause the water to leak into your home.

Luckily, there are steps that you can take to help prevent ice dams from forming on your roof, including:

  • Making sure there is adequate insulation installed on the floor of your attic to keep the attic and roof around the same temperature.
  • Checking the ventilation in your attic and installing soffit vents that are meant to vent air toward the ridge of your roof to prevent heat buildup.
  • Insulating or wrapping all heating ducts that are in your attic.
  • Sealing all openings from your home into your attic, such as light fixtures and chimneys.
  • Keeping all of your downspouts and rain gutters clear of all fallen leaves and other debris so that water can properly drain off your roof.
  • Do no use any sharp tools on your roof to remove ice since they can cause much more serious damage.

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